Systems Integration

All your data under one roof. Get your systems to talk to each other.

What is Systems Integration?

Systems Integration is the process of connecting separate systems together.

Companies starting out often pick and choose from several systems that meet their needs at the time. Alternatively, some companies experience growth in unexpected directions and need to quickly implement a system to help them meet their needs. While this is common, scaling with multiple tools is problematic. The need to input data across multiple systems results in inaccurate data reporting, workflow inefficiencies, increased risk of errors and a drop in productivity.

A range of products and skills enables customized solutions ranging from entry-level voice switches to complex and sophisticated enterprise communication networks incorporating voice and data call centre functionality, as well as audio and video communication solutions. Our services combines best-of-breed products from the world’s leading call centre and customer management vendors, with unmatched expertise in technical consulting, design, project management and integration.

Why is Systems Integration important?

Integrating disparate systems is a complicated task. However, the results are game-changing – especially when you use our systems integration services.

  • Increase productivity. No more repetitious manual data entry into multiple systems.
  • Get a single source of truth. By removing data silos, you improve business intelligence.
  • Maximise system value. Retain the best parts of your existing systems and optimise data sharing.
  • Adopt automation. Implement automatic systems around data management, workflows and intelligent process management.
  • Data integrity. Be confident in decision making with access to accurate, seamless data, instantly at your fingertips.

Our systems integration services

Application programming interface (APIs)

We'll collect real time data from your APIs and transform it into valuable information that you can use to improve business outcomes by basing decisions on high quality facts and figures.

Email marketing and CRM

We'll integrate your email marketing and CRM platforms to help you gain a competitive advantage whether you’re collecting leads, managing your sales pipelines, onboard customers or building relationships.

Accounting integration

Another benefit of choosing our system integration services is that we can make your business-critical accounting and financial reporting data available across your IT systems and applications.

Third party integration

We can seamlessly connect third-party software to your existing applications for greater reliability and efficiency and improved security.

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