IT Consultancy

Helping you to make the right IT decisions and optimise your technology to deliver the operational outcomes you desire.

At Aircom Technologies Limited, we achieve this through our technology lifecycle services that are based on best practices, skilled professionals, technology innovation and quality processes.

Our IT Consultancy experts helps you unlock the power of your solutions and deliver better results from technology investment increasing operational efficiencies, driving down costs, and securing vital data.

We help you achieve this by providing you advice on your technology journey. We assist you to align IT to your operational needs, expanding your thinking on what is possible and ensuring that every aspect of your IT landscape is performing as well as it should.


Why Aircom IT Consulting

We combine deep routed technical expertise with an astute understanding of what organisations are trying to achieve. This enables us to offer practical advice to our customers, enabling them to make the right IT decisions and fully maximise every investment they make in technology.

The value of Aircom’s IT consulting

We pride ourselves on the breadth and depth of our IT expertise and the value that we deliver for our customers, including:


Increased operational agility

We support you to plan an IT environment that is agile, can rapidly adapt to changing operational needs, remove restrictions on growth, and better position you to meet evolving customer needs.

Reduced risk

We help you reduce risk to your operations by ensuring your IT environment is resilient, supports operational continuity and secure.

Enable smarter working

Our focus is for you to maximise technology innovation, allowing your teams to work smarter through the provision of the tools, applications and data they need to be productive; driving greater collaboration across your organisation.

Maximise IT investment

It is not just about having the right technology in place, it is deploying and adopting it in the right way to truly generate return on investment. We help you achieve by guiding you through every step from solution design to end-user adoption.

Laying a foundation for the future

We help you to make the right IT choices to establish a foundation from which you can continually evolve. An environment that is elastic, open and capable of taking you to where you want to go.

Knowledge & skill transfer

We inject specific expertise to assist you on your journey but ensure that we take your people with us, sharing our thinking, passing on our experience and skilling your people for their journey forward.

Our IT consultancy capabilities

Our consulting team is able to assist you in a number of areas including:

  • IT audit
  • IT health check
  • Network vulnerability audits
  • Capacity planning
  • Requirements analysis
  • IT roadmap
  • Solution scoping & design
  • Solution procurement