Data Centers & Storage

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Data storage needs are exploding, and what you need now and what you need months or years from now can be two entirely different things. That’s why Aircom in partnership with leading ICT Vendors offers several Data Center and storage management solutions that will help you handle your current and future storage needs. Our experienced Data Center and storage solutions team will reduce the complexity of managing your rapidly increasing storage environments and their associated costs.

Safeguard your business data with Aircom

Companies have relied on tape backups or other internal systems for preserving information for decades. Today, those methods are as past their prime as paper files. They’re expensive and unreliable. Failures are common. Security breaches are a threat. Unfortunately, businesses often don’t realize the risks they run until the damage has been done. But with Aircom’s Data Backup & Recovery IT Services, you can guard against threats with a system that will work for your business – one that’s easy to manage and suits your budget and business needs.

Storage Area Networking (SAN)
Storage and Server Consolidation
Managed Storage

Why Aircom?

Efficient, Fail-Safe Routing
Speed, Reliability, Scalability
Meet Compliance Requirements
Protect Against Problems; Recover Quickly If They Strike

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