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AIRCOM is guided towards offering the highest levels of customer support available, our team has been specifically trained to deal with a spectrum of customer enquiries and are on hand to help you overcome any difficulties that you may experience.

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Our Partners

AIRCOM SYSTEMS LTD is a Certified Solutions Partner for many principle companies. We maintain strong alliances with Level1, Cisco, IBM, HP-Compaq, Imation, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba, Dell, Sony, Fujitsu, Canon and microsoft

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Systems Integration Services

Aircom is a leader in systems integration consulting resulting from years of experience helping some of the leading organizations, our skilled people, a profound understanding of technology and our industrialized approach.

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Our Products

At Aircom we believe when someone uses ICT products for the first time, they should be left with a lasting impression and a feeling of satisfaction that they have purchased a quality product. The performance of the product should also meet or exceed their expectations.

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